Ditch The TV - Friday 28th January - Wes Finch and The Dirty

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default Ditch The TV - Friday 28th January - Wes Finch and The Dirty

Post by MalcEvansMusic on Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:35 pm

Friday 28th January 2010

Ditch The TV!
The Maudslay Pub
190 Allesley Old Road

Doors 8pm
£4 entry

Music from 8:30

The first Ditch The TV of 2011 brings two new outstanding acts to play for the faithful, as well as the welcome return of one of our favourites. Read on...

Wes Finch and The Dirty Band http://www.myspace.com/wesfinchandthedirtyband

At last! They're coming to play DTTV. The Dirty Band are a collective of musicians from around the Midlands who first formed over 5 years ago to back the Coventry born singer and songwriter Wes Finch. The band features members of a few other midlands bands such as Don't Move!, The Shackletons and The Bellows and also features musicians from Devon Sproule's UK backing band. The sound is rootsy and vibrant and live shows are often raucous and sweaty. Although the band use a lot of traditional folk and blues instrumentation the voice and lyrics hold firmly to an English identity. 2 independently recorded albums and and EP on, the band continue to gain a loyal base of fans who always show up when they do manage to all get together inbetween their various other musical commitments. This is a band that love what they do and it shows when they play.

Sarah Ruddick http://www.myspace.com/sarahruddick

Can't find Sarah's bio at the moment (blame it on new 'improved' Myspace). However, all I have to say is that she has an amazingly pure voice and fantastic songs! Can't wait to hear her play again!

Milly Winter http://www.myspace.com/millywinter

Milly's songs are a musical diary, blending many eras and genres to form a concoction of reggae, pop, folk and soul. The result is a quirky and catchy
groove. Her songs are instantly sing-along-able.

Milly likes rabbits (Pumpkin the lion-head rabbit is her best friend) and her favourtie colour is purple. Her favourite part of herself is her forehead and
she has a tattoo of a hibiscus vine on her right foot.

She has a large pencil collection - that is, many pencils (although some of them are large). She is also working on completing her collection of Beatles album
cover mugs.

Some of Milly's hobbies include listening to Christmas songs in June, taking pictures down rabbit holes, stroking swans (it's the danger factor - they could break your arm you know) and fancy dress. Her favourite season is Summer (no, not winter) and she doesn't see why anyone would think differently.

She likes rainbows, but not bad grammar and that.
Tea, but not coffee.
Chocolate, but not hot chocolate and certainly not white chocolate.
Whales and dolphins, but not sharks
Milly is most scared of sharks. There is nothing like thinking there's a shark in the water nearby. It's even worse than a tiger.

She plays a Yamaha APX700

Milly hates peppers, English mustard and capers, but she doesn't hate any kind of music, even when pressed. The only exception is dodgy euro-techno-rave
bad covers....but she even sings along to those

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