Ampeg V4BH For Sale- All tube classic bass amp head! SOLD

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default Ampeg V4BH For Sale- All tube classic bass amp head! SOLD

Post by Cave Dweller on Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:59 pm

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Reluctantly selling my USA made Ampeg V4BH (circa 2005).

This sounds awesome and these are pretty rare now, having been discontinued about 2 years back. They are not stupidly heavy like the SVT-CL either, weighs about 40 pounds so really no trouble to move about alone. Reviews at

Is in very good condition, hasn't been gigged very much & well looked after.

In fact just a couple of months back I had this retubed (Electro-Harmonix 6L6GC valves), fuses replace, serviced and basically fully checked over & have only gigged it once since. The tech guy measured it to 110 watts output and also certified it for safety.

Can't remember exactly but these went for over a grand brand new (and they're no longer available now so quite sought after).



Official spiel:

Classic all-tube Ampeg tone.

The Ampeg V4BH 100 Watt Tube Bass Head is similar to the SVT, just smaller in output (100W). It uses the same tubes in the preamp and drive sections (2 - 12AX7 in the preamp, a 12AU7 and 12AX7 for drive). For the power section it uses 4 6L6s. Controls include 3-band EQ, 5-position mid-tone control, ultralow/high boost, and presence switch. Connections include normal and padded input, a balanced line out, and preamp out/power amp in. 24" x 11" x 13". 40 lbs.

Ampeg V4BH 100 Watt Tube Bass Head Features:

* 100W power at 4 and 8 ohms
* All tube preamp, drive, and power sections
* 3-band EQ
* 5-position mid switch
* Normal and padded input
* Tube protection circuitry
* Ultralow and high boost
* Slave output jack
* Tube complement: 2 - 12AX7 preamp, 12AU7 and 12AX7 driver tubes, four 6L6 power tubes
* 8/4 ohm impedance section

If you love the SVT sound but want it lighter and don't need the whole 300W, this is your head.
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