Litedeck staging for hire from £15 per section

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default Litedeck staging for hire from £15 per section

Post by blitzsounds on Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:20 am

Hey guys,

We currently stock litedeck staging in 8' x 4' sections for hire from £15 per section. They're available on 1 ft/ 2ft legs with no extra costs for the legs. Casements are available too. To see our stages in action (well, they don't do much, they just kinda sit there) come to the fountain at the Coventry Uni entrance on Friday June the 19th or if you're in Wolverhampton this coming Thursday then you can come to Walkabout to see them. Alternatively just give us a bell and come and see them at our unit in Holbrooks, Coventry.


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